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Cladding Testing, Removal and Replacement...

In 2019, following the Grenfell Fire, amendments were made to the UK’s Building Regulations titled ‘Approved Document B’ (England and Wales) and the ‘Technical Handbooks’ (Scotland).

Following an Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, led by Dame Judith Hackitt, the government announced their decision to ban the use of combustible materials in high-rise residential and commercial properties. The ban applies to the installation of combustible materials in external walls on buildings with a height of 18 metres or more introduced in October 2019.

As a result of these regulations, Insurance providers have made it a requirement for testing on Cladding to be adhered to on any Residential or Commercial Property over the height of 18 metres. As a result, the use of compliant and fire-retardant cladding materials has now become more important than ever.

At Insite Cladding & Roofing, as a result of regulations, we been actively involved in testing for our clients processes that are in line with DCLG/BRE guidelines regarding certain Aluminium Composite Materials (ACM) being identified as non-compliant with fire and building regulations.

We were approached by one of our clients Richard Whitfield, at Knight Frank, to replace the existing ACM Cladding with 3mm aluminium, upgrade the Fire Performance of the Timber Louvres and Upgrade Fire Barrier in line with the new Legislation. Insurance requirements were to upgrade fire performance of building and install fire barriers for compliance.

As well as working with Richard at Knight Frank David and his team work with John Macarthur. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Designer Derek Whatley of Orchard Drafting throughout the Project.

The 3mm Aluminium PPC Panels were supplied by Heath Hindmarch at PSP Architectural. The Fire Protection paint to timber louvres 60 min protection was provided by Jim Wotherspoon at Firelink Protection and the Fixings from Stephen Gorman at Omnifix Solutions Ltd.

With these new regulations in place and them being immediate requirements from most Insurers Cladding Sampling for BS EN 8414 is now in high demand with considerable waiting times.

Insite Cladding and Roofing are available to facilitate all your cladding compliance requirements from start to finish supporting all your requirements and documentation. Our detailed process gives you direct contact with our testing consultant and confidence with our 50 years of expertise in cladding maintenance and refurbishment.

We are then able to work hand in hand with your Cladding Consultant providing a Contractors view on methodology and assisting with budget costings thus allowing a more detailed, accurate solution.

To find out more check out our Cladding Testing page or email David Munro at or call us on 0141 956 5050.

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