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  • Gerry Campbell

From Classroom to Workshop: Meet Dylan, the Future of Insite! #MeetTheMakers #20YearsStrong #Insiteat20

As Insite Group celebrates two decades of excellence, we shine a spotlight on the talent that continues to build our success - our people! 

Today, we chat with our youngest member of staff Dylan Thomson, our young and enthusiastic 3rd year apprentice joiner, who embodies the future of our craft. Join us as we delve into his journey, from college classrooms to bustling workshops, and discover his passion for joinery, his experiences at Insite, and his exciting vision for the years ahead.

Get ready to be inspired by Dylan's dedication, learn about the invaluable skills he's acquiring, and witness firsthand the positive impact Insite has on nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals. 

Stay tuned for his insights, challenges, and dreams, all shared with the infectious enthusiasm of a true #WoodworkingWhiz#ApprenticeshipMatters #BuildingTheFuture

Don't forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!  

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