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  • Gerry Campbell

Meet our New Team of Infection Prevention Technicians

Say hello to Joanna, Hanna, Ewelina and Darek our ever expanding team of Infection Prevention Technicians here at Insite Group.

It is a very exciting week at Insite Group as two of our Divisions, Insite Facilities Management and Insite Specialist Services, join forces in providing a Cleaning & Decontamination service that is really is unrivalled. Our Infection Prevention Technicians will be expanding our work with the NHS and with our other clients who value the Duty of Care they have for their staff and their customers.

Of the expanding team Julie Fergus, Head of Operations, said:

'When I joined back in January, I knew the possibilities of collaborating Facilities Management with Specialist Services would expand our offerings, not just to our current clients, but also in creating future opportunities. With the country slowly reopening it is important that when it comes to Cleaning & Decontamination it is not about that instant but providing protection 24/7 365 days of the year. That's what we do.'

As we grow as a business, evolving all the time, this really opens up the door for providing Continuous Protection for any Indoor Environment.

Scott McMillan, our Managing Director, commented:

'“It is no surprise the see this part of the Insite Group continue to expand given the current climate and it is a testament to the level of service we provide to numerous key clients across the country. With businesses opening back up, we not only have the experience and expertise to clean, but to decontaminate and install systems that provide continuous protection to any indoors space. Our services are in demand now more than ever and with the ability to provide that certified “Peace of Mind” for staff, clients and customers alike is invaluable for getting people back to work, safely and with confidence”.

Of his expanding team Gordon Bruce, Director and creator of Kill, Prevent, Protect, said:

'‘When we created Insite Specialist Services back in 2017 we knew the possibilities and opportunities out there in Infection Prevention. Then comes a Global Pandemic and peoples eyes are opened at just how contaminated with Viruses, Bacteria, & other Dangerous Contaminants our Indoor Air, that we breathe, and Surfaces are. It is wonderful to see ISS grow, as we knew it would, and it is an absolute pleasure to be working with Julie and the Facilities Management team in protecting our Clients & their Customers. Exciting times ahead.’

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