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Surveying the Future in Construction with Insite...

... say hello to Scott.

Meet Scott Carswell, our new Trainee Quantity Surveyor who just joined Insite Group.

We asked Scott all about his journey and thoughts on coming to join the Contracts Team:

'I have been involved in construction for coming up to 6 years now and I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge along the way which has shaped me into the Trainee Quantity Surveyor I am now.

When I left school in 2015 I didn’t really know what career path I was going down so for the first 6 months I moved from job to job with my local council which ended up with me being a labourer for a few months. I then had an interview with a construction company who were looking to take on a few apprentice labourer’s. Following the interview they offered me a better position within the office as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor which I couldn’t refuse.

This was the beginning of my career in construction.

I was very fortunate to get this position as they offer good training and development programme’s which allowed me to work full time and go to College for 2 years to get my HNC and then move onto University for the next 3 years. I am currently still at University and have another 2 years including this current year before I get my Honours Degree in Quantity Surveying.

A few months ago I felt I needed a change in my career so I updated my CV and uploaded to various websites to see what positions were out there. Insite got in touch pretty quickly and I had an interview within a week. It was one of very few interviews that I accepted and after the interview finished with Fraser Stevenson, Commercial Manager, I was very impressed with what I heard about Insite and was very excited to take it further. My second interview was in the office where I was able to get a feel for the office and see how things worked and I was very impressed. Fraser Stevenson then offered me the position which I accepted almost immediately as I knew it was the right thing for me at this point in my career and Insite seemed like the perfect fit.

Fraser was one of the main factors in my decision to join Insite. Since starting at the beginning of November, everyone has been so welcoming and made me feel part of the Insite team straight away. I can already see that I am a good fit here and I am eager to impress and see what I can bring to Insite within the commercial department.

Commercial Manager Fraser Stevenson said of Scott joining the Contracts Team:

“Through Scott’s training he has developed his knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Quantity Surveyor.

Scott is an excellent addition to our commercial team and we look forward to having Scott at Insite.”

Hear, Hear... we concur.

Feel free to drop Scott an email anytime

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