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  • Gerry Campbell

Protecting Our Nation's Health: Insite Specialist Services Presents the Kill, Prevent, Protect System

In the fight against infection, vigilance is key. In this video, Gordon Bruce, founder of Insite Specialist Services, unveils his innovative Kill, Prevent, Protect System to leading healthcare organisations in Scotland.

In the video we see Gordon present to the NHS, NSS, Transport Scotland, Education Scotland, and Balhousie Care Group as part of the SBRI Infection Prevention Challenge.

This system has the potential to revolutionise infection control methods across various sectors. Join us as we delve into the details of Kill, Prevent, Protect and discover how it can safeguard our communities.

To find out more about Insite Specialist Services Infection Prevention System call Gordon Bruce 🧫 🦠 🍄🧬 on 0141 956 5050 or email him directly at

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