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  • Gerry Campbell

Say hello to Nicola, our new Commercial Assistant...

I owe a lot of my career to construction.

After I left my part time Office Junior role within a law firm, I saw an advertisement in the Herald for an apprenticeship scheme which would have allowed me to study while working. My role lasted more than 6 years and at first I was employed through a community benefit apprenticeship scheme.

At the time I thought I would have really struggled to find a job as the UK was still recovering from the 2008 economic crash and it was very difficult for school leavers to find employment.

I was very fortunate to start off my construction career with a company that offers excellent training and development which allowed me to work full time and complete my HNC and HND Office Administration and Information Technology courses day release.

After more than 10 years in construction my career has gone in a few different directions. I initially started off working within the finance department then after I graduated, I was promoted to Estimating Assistant and then when the pandemic hit in March 2020 I was working as an administrator in a site office.

When the pandemic hit, the site I was working on was only a few weeks from completion, so my career took yet another twist and seen me working within the e-commerce industry. I loved the change of pace and feel as though a break from the construction industry was something I needed and made me change for the better.

As one of the few industries that was thriving during the pandemic I worked 60 hour weeks on nightshift, but it really was the people that made my experience special. I got to meet people from all walks of life who like me were waiting for restrictions to ease and their industries to start up again. When restrictions started to ease in the summer I knew it would have taken something really special to come along to get me to leave, I had various interviews and options but by having the break it allowed me to be quite selective of which company I went to next.

When Insite Group got in touch at the start of May, it was one of the few interviews I agreed to. After I left the interview it was the first role that got me excited about working in the Construction Industry again. As a result George Finlay, Contracts Director and Fraser Stevenson, Senior Quantity Surveyor, created the role of Commercial Assistant for me.

Since starting in the middle of June, everyone has been so welcoming and eager to help me settle into my new role. It is already clear to see that Insite has a great team ethic and going forward I am looking forward to seeing what support and assistance I can bring to Insite.

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