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The Dangers of Dealing with Flood Damaged Properties

Flooding can cause significant damage to your business or home, leading to a host of serious health and safety hazards. It's crucial to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and your Business before attempting to clean up or repair flood-damaged areas.

Health Hazards

  • Mold growth: Floodwaters can introduce moisture into your business or home, creating an ideal environment for mold growth. Mold can trigger respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues.

  • Contaminated water: Floodwaters can be contaminated with sewage, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. Exposure to contaminated water can cause skin irritation, diarrhea, and other health problems.

  • Electrical hazards: Floodwaters can damage electrical wiring and appliances, posing a risk of electrocution.

Structural Hazards

  • Weakened foundation: Floodwaters can erode the foundation of your business or home, leading to structural instability and potential collapse.

  • Damaged walls and ceilings: Floodwaters can cause walls and ceilings to buckle and sag, posing a risk of collapse.

  • Unsafe flooring: Flood-damaged flooring can become slippery and unstable, increasing the risk of falls.

Steps to Ensure Safety

  • Avoid contact with floodwater: Wear protective clothing, including gloves and boots, when dealing with floodwater. Avoid wading through floodwaters, as they may contain hidden hazards.

  • Turn off utilities: Before entering a flood-damaged home, turn off the electricity, gas, and water supply to prevent electrical shocks, fires, and gas leaks.

  • Vent the property: Open windows and doors to allow moisture to escape and prevent mold growth.

In the aftermath of a flood, the safety and well-being of those affected become paramount. Amidst the chaos and devastation, Insite Specialist Services has been restoring properties and safeguarding the health of their occupants for over 6 years.

Founder of Insite Specialist Services Gordon Bruce has over 30 years of expertise in the construction, environmental, and biohazard sectors, possessing a deep understanding of the hazards posed by flood damage.

Our Flood & Mould Remediation system, developed in 2017, has proven to be an invaluable tool in mitigating the risks associated with water damage.

The system's rapid and effective approach minimises the extent of stripping out, saving both time and money for affected property owners. This meticulous process ensures that the property is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected, eliminating the potential for mold growth and the subsequent health concerns it presents.

Insite Specialist Services commitment to safety extends beyond the physical restoration of properties. They are acutely aware of the emotional toll that flood damage can take on individuals and families. Their empathetic and compassionate approach provides much-needed support during a difficult time.

Whether working with flood-stricken businesses or homes, Insite Specialist Services remains steadfast in its mission to create cleaner, safer, and healthier indoor environments.

To find out more about about our Flood Hit Solutions and also about the work we do call Gordon Bruce on 0141 956 5050 or email him at

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