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At Insite we want to share everything that's going on throughout the Group and this Quarterly Update will give you an insight as to what we are up to.


It's a page for sharing our stories, from Health & Safety to Project & Team Stories, it's about you!

Project Name

Why ISO Certification Matters for Insite Group?


Obtaining ISO certification can significantly benefit Insite Group in the construction industry:


- Enhanced Credibility:  ISO certification demonstrates a commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. This can impress potential clients and partners, giving Insite Group a competitive edge in securing contracts, especially those involving public authorities.

- Robust Management Systems: The process of implementing ISO standards strengthens internal procedures. This translates to streamlined operations, improved project delivery, and reduced risk of errors or accidents.

- Client Satisfaction: ISO certification signifies Insite Group's dedication to client satisfaction. By adhering to standardized practices, the company ensures consistent high-quality work, fostering trust and loyalty with clients.

- Market Advantage: In an industry where safety and quality are paramount, ISO certification distinguishes Insite Group from competitors. It showcases a commitment to best practices, potentially leading to participation in tenders and projects with stricter requirements.


Overall, achieving ISO certification positions Insite Group as a reliable and trustworthy construction partner, promoting long-term growth and success.


Project Name

Refurbishment and Fitout at Central Retail Park


Our Contracts Division will be celebrating the successful completion of the refurbishment and fitout project at Central Retail Park in Falkirk led by Davie Stewart and Scott Milliken.


The completion of this project signifies our Contracts' Division expertise in delivering high-quality retail fitouts. Their successful collaboration with Workman LLP ensures the creation of a functional and visually appealing retail space that caters to the needs of their customers.


Project Name

Stay Updated on the Italian Consulate Refurbishment!


We're excited to announce that we'll be sharing, along with the Consulate themselves, regular updates on the progress of the Italian Consulate refurbishment through our social media channels!


Here's what you can expect:


Milestone updates: We'll keep you informed about significant achievements, like completed phases of the project.

Informative content:

Stay updated on the project's purpose, the improvements being made, and the expected timeline.


Please continue to like and share our posts to spread the word. 

Current Update:


Congratulations, Sam Kennedy!


We're thrilled to announce that Sam will be taking over Donna's responsibilities in the Accounts department for Insite Contracts. We wish you all the best in this exciting new chapter but we know that really, it all adds up.


Arbroath Job Centre - Roof Replacement Works Complete!


Over the next few weeks we will be announcing the successful completion of the roof replacement works at the Arbroath Job Centre by our  FM services team. for Mitie.


This successful completion signifies Insite FM's commitment to providing high-quality facilities management services and is one of their largest projects yet.. watch this space.

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