About EventCair

No matter what the venue, we provide peace of mind...

EventCair from Insite Specialist Services is an innovative new system that provides continuous protection, 24/7, of Air and Surfaces within indoor event space such as Theatres, Concert Halls, Arenas, Live Music Venues, Conference Venues, Wedding Venues, Tented Villages and more.


Infection Prevention

Our EventCair System features advanced UV Non filtered Air Sanifier, utilising NASA, with a 'Photo Catalytic Oxidisation Power Pack' which is proven to reduce Airborne Microorganisms to undetectable within 10 minutes of activation.

The system is further enhanced by applying BioTouch, our unique Permanent Non Toxic Antimicrobial Solution approved by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to ANY Hard or Soft Surfaces and High Touch Point Areas offering a Biosecurity System like no other.

Get In Touch

‘We hosted our 1st Birthday Bash on the 14th of August with 400 guests attending indoors at the DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Central with dancing & interaction and we are proud to announce that we have had ZERO reports of positive cases since connected to the event.
I believe this is in no small part to the involvement of EventCair & Room to Breathe by Insite Specialist Services as well as the hard work by ourselves and the venue to safeguard everyone.’

Justine Wingate, Founder On Trade Scotland




It's time to 'Go Beyond' in Infection Prevention...

Feel free to drop the team an email with your name, contact number and any questions you may have regarding our Biosecurity System.

Not matter what you Indoor Environment may be.

Our team will get back to you and discuss whatever requirements you have for those you wish to protect.


Welcome to the Pleasuredome...

On Saturday, the 14th of August, the DoubleTree by Hilton in Glasgow saw the biggest single indoor event since the relaxation of restrictions in Scotland hosted by Justin Wingate of TopGun Media Ltd for On Trade Scotland's first Birthday Party. All proceeds of the event going to the The Scottish Licensed Trade Benevolent Society (The BEN) Charity.

With nearly 400 representatives (party animals) from the Hospitality Industry throughout Scotland, the night was a huge success. The evening was hosted by Gina McKie of Go Radio and attended by the Scottish Licence Trade Association (SLTA), Panther Milk, Diageo, The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company Ltd, Scottish Hospitality Group, Gilson Gray LLP, Edrington UK, Premier Sports, Pernod Ricard, Cold Town Beer among many others.

Our Team at EventCair were honoured to be invited to provide that 'peace of mind' and protection for an amazing cause in an industry that has been severely affected as a result of the Pandemic.

Oh what a night.