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Biotouch: A Powerful Tool for Infection Prevention in Care Homes, NHS and Beyond

In the Healthcare Industry, particularly within Care Homes, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is paramount. Biotouch, a powerful disinfectant, offering a revolutionary solution for infection prevention.

Biotouch, created by Insite Specialist Services, is an antimicrobial treatment that offers a permanent and durable barrier against microbes on surfaces and textiles. This innovative solution has been approved by the EPA and CDC, making it a trusted choice for various settings.

What is Biotouch?

Biotouch is a unique, permanent disinfectant that forms a lasting bond on surfaces and textiles. Unlike traditional disinfectants that rely on chemicals to kill germs, Biotouch utilises a mechanical approach. This innovative technology disrupts the cell walls of microbes, effectively eliminating them on contact.

How Does Biotouch Work?

Biotouch's effectiveness lies in its microscopic structure. The disinfectant contains millions of nano-sized spikes that pierce and disrupt the cell walls of bacteria, viruses, and fungi upon contact. This mechanical action eliminates the microbes without the use of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Biotouch for Infection Prevention in Care Homes:

  • Long-lasting protection: Biotouch's unique bond provides continuous protection against a broad spectrum of pathogens for up to an extended period. This reduces the frequency of cleaning and disinfection required, saving time and resources.

  • Safe for residents and staff: Biotouch is non-toxic, odorless, and gentle on skin and surfaces. This makes it ideal for use in care homes where the well-being of residents and staff is a top priority.

  • Effective against a broad range of pathogens: Biotouch has been proven effective against various bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including common healthcare-associated pathogens like MRSA, E. coli, and C. difficile.

Special Offer for Care Homes

Room To Breathe is committed to supporting the well-being of residents and staff in care homes.

Throughout the month of March, we are offering Biotouch** free of charge** to 5 lucky care homes!

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance infection prevention in your care home and create a safer environment for everyone.

All you have to do is email Gordon Bruce at or CALL HIM ON 0141 956 5050 today to learn more and enter for a chance to win!

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