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  • Gerry Campbell

Insite Specialist Services & Sleep Angel...

... the perfect Infection Prevention Team!

As highlighted during the recent pandemic, A&E Departments were at the forefront of infection prevention focussing on saving lives while endeavouring to ensure patient and care providers remained safe.

It became paramount that processes needed to be clear, quick and above all, safe.

Until now, trolley mattresses had been a challenging area in protecting, as even with the smallest damage to the outer cover, for safety reasons, all of the pad needed to be exchanged.

Thats why NHS Grampian's chose to work with Insite Specialist Services and SleepAngel Medical in providing Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s with new emergency room trolley mattresses protected with Biotouch barrier protection and antimicrobial coating, improving both patient safety and reducing costs.

This innovative solution not only significantly improves patient care and reduces HAI’s, it also improves sustainability and reduces your carbon footprint.

The hermetically sealed and transparent cover protects the inner foam core, with a more traditional zipped cover for the outer surface, means that:

  • if there’s damage to the outer cover (e.g., due to aggressive cleaning or strike through) the inner can be checked easily for damage

  • if the outer cover is the only part compromised it can be replaced without removing the inner for disposal.

  • if due to user error anything is missed with current decontamination protocols, there is a back up

  • The transparent sealed and filtered cover allows for cleaning of the inner when required.

Furthermore having gone through a vigorous testing phase against well-known competitors it was considered a winning solution in terms of:

  • Tissue Viability

  • Infection Control

  • Accident and Emergency specifications, incl. being X-Ray compatible.

This 'Trolley Mattress Technology' has now been introduced into the Room To Breathe model for Care Homes whereby staff can very quickly assess the condition and the need for cleaning or replacement covers. Gone is the regular replacement of soiled or damaged mattresses as a common/weekly practice.

The future of Infection Prevention is here.

To find out more email Gordon Bruce at or CALL him on 0141 611 7888.

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