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  • Gerry Campbell

Turn On, Tune In, COP26...

... 30,000+ Delegates, 160+ World Leaders, ZERO SPIKE IN COVID-19 CASES

As the World Leaders and more than 30,000 delegates descended on the city for the COP26 Climate Change Conference, our Infection Prevention Division, Insite Specialist Services, was called into action with its innovative EventCair biosecurity system designed and created in Scotland.

Approached by Orientations, the Event Production Company for COP26, EventCair was tasked with providing protection against Covid-19 by creating safer, healthier environments in the Blue Zone for Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, John Kerry, Sir David Attenborough, Emmanuel Macron, among many others.

The project encompassed Preventing Infection in tall areas of the Blue Zone including the Arena as well as office and pavilion spaces and represented the biggest ever deployment of EventCair. The system is one of its kind in infection prevention and harnesses NASA-developed technology plus a photo catalytic oxidisation power pack which is proven to reduce airborne microorganisms to undetectable levels within ten minutes. The system is further enhanced by applying BioTouch, EventCair’s unique permanent non-toxic antimicrobial solution approved by EPA and the CDC, to any hard or soft surfaces and high touch point areas.

The system delivered not only the highest levels of cleanliness but also provided continuous 24-Hour prohibitive protection against many dangerous pathogens including the ability to inhibit the spread of Covid-19.

The recent launch of this ground-breaking, unique, infection prevention system follow’s hot on the heels of the successful roll out of Insite Specialist Services Kill Prevent Protect and Room to Breathe systems which purify the air combined and apply an antimicrobial coating which is permanently bonded to almost any surface. In both cases, non-toxic and environmentally friendly processes are used, to almost eliminate allergens completely, mould, germs, influenza, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours.

With KPP focussing on commercial premises, such as offices, gyms, and restaurants, RTB was further developed to incorporate additional steps specifically for the hospitality market to explicitly focus on the wellness experience.

Commenting on the company’s COP26 project, Caroline Mackenzie of Orientations said:

“We were delighted to have collaborated with the team at Insite Specialist Services as part of our delivery at COP26 in Glasgow. They were an important integral partner whose services enabled us to deliver a safe and sustainable environment for all participants within the Blue Zone at COP26.

We had the conflicting challenges of being acutely aware of the importance of infection control and mitigation required for a large indoor international event, whilst delivering an event with thousands of international attendees from almost 200 countries during a global pandemic: with the considerations of managing the needs of infection control side by side with other safety measures, whilst ensuring the minimising of environmental impact.

The EventCair air sanitisation system combined with the BioTouch surface protection were key components of our heath protection “toolkit”. As part of our multifaceted health protection and infection control measures, the methodology adopted ensured that a high air quality was maintained and the reduction of infection spread through surface transmission was provided throughout the duration of the event.

Our implementation of the services offered by Insite Specialist Services during COP26 enabled us to meet our obligations to other important stakeholders including Environmental Health and Building Control, whilst still adopting a protocol that was both effective and sustainable. The team were a pleasure to work with and we can’t thank them enough for their support and professionalism.”

Gordon Bruce, founder of Insite Specialist Services, added:

"This opportunity is a culmination of many years working in an unrecognised industry or even invisible world where Indoor Air Quality and dangers have been ignored. With my esteemed colleagues Scott McMillan and Dr Chris Pearson we have had the tenacity and the drive to continue our journey.

COVID19 has ONLY helped make people aware that dangers lurk in our indoor spaces and we at Insite have scientifically proven solutions. We can only count ourselves lucky that this great event, by chance, turned up on our doorstep.'

Gerry Campbell, Head of Marketing at InSite Group said:

'When you get asked to protect the World Leaders at COP26, a Conference dedicated to saving the Planet, during a Global Pandemic you know people are listening and understanding more and more about what our Biosecurity Systems do. It is an incredible opportunity for all the team, and we are honoured to be part of this amazing Event.'

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